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So, at last, I get some free time. That isn't going to be all that free, 'cause I'm planning on doing a lot.


First thing's first--I'm writing. A lot. To make up for the fact that I've been horrible keeping up with stuff.

1. FINISH MY OWED GIFT!FIC, DEAR GOD. It was for New Year's, if you can even believe that. (If you can't, understandable--I can barely myself, and I'm the one writing it.)

2. Clean out my computer. Get rid of the extra files/textures/everything else. I like things to be all clean and nice~ (Though you'd never know it, looking at my desk.)

3. Um...what else...more graphic/writing stufts? I dunno, I'll probably be doing that while I procrastinate on my other junk. I'm a horrible procrastinator. But whatever, I'll worry about that later.

4. Learn how to use that sweet tablet I got for Christmas that I haven't touched in months.

5. Catch up on the anime version of Azumanga Daioh. I've really started to want to swing into that fandom (damn Nyamo/Yukari; it's far too addictive when I need to finish up my A:tLA stuff...) but the canon seems to be based on the anime rather than the manga. (While the two are similar, they aren't exactly the same, plotwise. Gotta catch everything to be a good writer, y'know?) I'm planning on buying the entire DVD set and watching it soon, so that shouldn't be too hard.

6. Work on Void. My greatest idea ever and I can't even get my butt up and work on it. Oh so fail. *facepalms at self*

7. Find more femslash. There can never be enough femslash, I tell you. Never. (Ok, granted, it needs to be well written, but I'll worry about that when I really start looking.) I found more, but it's...eh. Oh well, I like crossing things off the list.

8. Get an RP up. I'm entirely new at it, but I have an idea rolling around in my head (seen "The Mist"? Has to do with that situation), so I need to look around at other RPs and get a feel for everything.

9. Make a FFN community or whatever they call it to house all the decent femslash I find. I don't know. I just really like making communities. Good practice/"fishing grounds" for Void, I guess. I can recruit people, maybe? Eh. I'll think about it when I get there.

10. Get in touch with a bunch of people. Friends and people that I've lost contact with. ...I'm not looking forward to it, mostly because it involves wading through my SEVERELY (spelling?) neglected mailbox. And explaining why I haven't talked to them in forever. And a whole bunch of other stuff...but enough about my personal issues with humanity. MANAGED TO GET SOMETHING DONE OFF THIS LIST. Thank God.

11. Getting through the "Word of The Day" emails in my mailbox. I have 221 of them today.

12. More betaing. Just in general. I like betaing (most of the time) and it's cool to help people out.

13. Getting chapter-by-chapter review up for a fic I really enjoyed. Though that's not surprising, since I'm doing a review for each chapter, yeah?

14. HAVING FUN AND ENJOYING MYSELF, DAMMIT. I haven't gotten to do enough of that lately. :D

15. Getting some mood themes installed on this account. 'Cause the one I have now is boring as frick. (No offense, LJ.)

16. Making an Azumanga Daioh mood theme. Related to 15, I guess.

17. Learning CSS. Since my knowledge of HTML is not enough any more.

Ok, there's a part of me that just wanted to post to show off one of my new icons. (One of my new favorites, actually.) But more so, I wanted to make my list so I can figure out what I need to do. I'm horrible unless I have a list, trust me.

Edit: My fail surprises me sometimes. Fixed some stuff. Added some stuff. And did other stuff.
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